On an episode of “Super Soul Sunday,” Oprah sat down with the woman she calls her mentor, Dr. Maya Angelou, to talk about the legendary poet’s life and career — including how she’s handled the aging process.

“As you’re 85, what can you say about the 80s?” Oprah asks in the video. “Are they still hot?”

“Oh my goodness,” Dr. Angelou says. “Do it if you can. If you have a choice, choose the 80s.”

Dr. Angelou echoes the philosophy of Oscar Wilde when she says, “moderation in all things, and even moderation in moderation. Don’t get too much moderation.” As Oprah laughs, Dr. Angelou continues, “But when you get in to your 80s, and you find that you’re still looking kinda alright, and people still say, ‘Hello, hello, hello,’ you think, ‘Hmm, I’m glad I got this far.'”

With many women trying to fight against the aging process, Oprah asks Dr. Angelou how she’s managed to embrace it. “I can’t remember ever being anxious about [aging],” Dr. Angelou says. “Every age, I’ve been grateful.”

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