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Chicago-native Jennifer Hudson has become one of the most well respected celebrities of Hollywood. Jennifer is not ashamed of her Christian beliefs and has stayed as clear as possible from the drama of Hollywood. She has shown her audience that there is a price for fame, yet by the grace of God you can survive it and still conquer your dreams.

We have watched Jennifer publicly live out and endure one of the worst family tragedies of Hollywood. She was very open about her struggle with weight and took on the challenge to turn it around and has done a SUPER job!

“There is more to life than the block you live on and I want to help expose people to that. I want to give back and show those kids if I can do it you can too,” Hudson said.

“I like helping people and this has allowed me to do what I like to do. We’re showing people that others care,” said Julia Hudson, who organizes the event.”

“I did not forget about home, we did not forget about home, and so we want to give back and show our people that there is so much more out there and positive comes from where you come from,” said Hudson.”

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