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Tragic and surreal: A woman with a one year-old child in the back seat hits a security barrier at the White House and a Secret Service officer, then speeds off. Police chase her down some of Washington’s most famous streets. In a panic, she reaches speeds of 80 mph as she races toward the Capitol. At first it looks like she gets stuck with nowhere left to go. Officers surround her black coupe with their guns drawn, commanding her to stop. But she tries to escape and backs into a police cruiser, before pulling away in a frenzy. The police open fire, hitting her, and she dies. Police find the child – that they didn’t know was with her – unharmed after searching her car. They also discover that the woman was unarmed. The tragedy leaves so many questions open. What was her intent? Why didn’t she stop? What was she thinking? Did she snap? Bystanders captured the tragedy on their cell phones and posted the video to the internet. Some lawmakers took cover and sent out tweets.



The House comes down but not the ceiling: The federal government may not be hit with a double whammy on top of the ongoing shutdown, as House Speaker John Boehner told a group of fellow GOP legislators that he won’t let the nation default on its debt, according to a House Republican. Boehner said that he’d set aside the “Hastert Rule” – that Republicans would only bring measures up for a vote if they are backed by a majority of their caucus – and rely on Democrats to pass a measure to raise the nation’s debt limit, said the House member. This legislator attended a meeting involving Boehner, but requested anonymity because that gathering was private.

Still, the shutdown remains.

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