When you watch those in a descending roller coaster screaming off the top of their heads, it’s easy to snicker and sneer, “O ye of little faith.”  But it’s quite another story if you are one of those on the roller coaster.  It is one thing to read the unemployment statistic on a government bureaucratic report, but it’s quite another if you are one of those numbers.  It is one thing to hear about Aunt May going for chemotherapy treatment from the church prayer letter, but it’s quite another when chemotherapy is part of your to do list in your diary for next Tuesday.

And it’s definitely one thing to sing the stories of others who have struggled, but it’s quite another when it’s a song that details a narrative you are going through.  For years since her 1999 Curb Records debut, Natalie Grant has been singing the stories of people who have suffered.  Who can forget the woman in her hit song “Held” who had to struggle with her baby who just died?  Or the sister who is at brink of breakdown only to find hope in God’s “Better Hands”?  However, when it comes to her 9th studio album “Hurricane,” Grant doesn’t just sing about other people’s stories.  Rather, co-penning 8 out of the 10 songs, now she sings about her own stories.

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