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On Sunday, October 13th, Chicago Mass Choir will participate in the Gospel Music Trust Fund’s Family Reunion in Nashville, TN. The Gospel Music Trust Fund raises funds for those in need due to severe or terminal illness, health emergencies, or catastrophes.

In 2007, The Gospel Music Trust Fund donated funds to Chicago Mass Choir’s Vice President of Finance and charter member, Yolanda Nero, while recuperating from a double lung transplant. Chicago Mass Choir was invited to the Family Reunion to share Ms. Nero’s story and more.

The Gospel Music Trust Fund was a huge help to Ms. Nero and her family during this trying season.  Chicago Mass Choir’s President, Dr. Feranda Williamson will share her gratitude and present noteworthy info during the Family Reunion for the funds received from The Gospel Music Trust Fund.

The Gospel Music Trust Fund Family Reunion will be held at Amy Grant’s Farm and hosted by, Bill Gaither, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Brandon Heath and Toby Mac. The Trust Fund was founded by the late, Herman Harper and has helped hundreds of people in the Gospel Music Industry.

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