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Light at the end of the tunnel vision: The government’s still partially shut down. House Republicans say they aren’t budging from that. But it looks like we could be spared the debt ceiling debacle. Late last night, GOP sources told us that lawmakers are preparing a proposal to temporarily raise it. And yesterday, President Obama saidhe would accept a short-term deal. The two sides meet today. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.



Furlough can you go: Yesterday we told you about thebizarre side effects of the shutdown, but the examples keep piling up:

Three children from the Spirit Lake Tribe will not reconcile with their mom this week because the Bureau of Indian Affairs social worker is on furlough, according to this report. The government paid $47,000 for a mechanical bull for the Utah National Guard. And just days before the shutdown, the State Department awarded a contract to a  glass designer to make stemware for U.S. foreign embassies. The cost? Up to $5 million!

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