You can’t hum segregation.  Music is supposed to transcend boundaries: it is supposed to bleach colors so that we are all resonating together in a single harmonized tune before God.  And music is to defy color-specific genres where American Americans are expected to sing Gospel while only Caucasian music is accompanied by a fiddle and steel and Asian music by an erhu and pipa.  With her brand new English-language solo debut “Made It Out Alive,” Veronica Putrucci has ravaged such ignominious racial divides.

Here you will find her broaching into Tamela Mann-styled foot-stomping Gospel, suave Latin-style grooves and her signature big balladry Celine Dion-esque pop ballads.  If her face looks familiar, it’s because Petrucci and her husband Angelo were once the Christian pop duo Angelo and Veronica who had recorded 5 English albums and 1 Spanish CD over the period of 1992 to 1999.

They were one of the very few Christian acts that have garnered the interest of pop tunesmith Diane Warren (Whitney Houston, Beyonce & Aerosmith) and AC crooner Michael Bolton.  Together Warren and Bolton have even contributed two songs to the duo’s sophomore record, “Now That I’ve Found You” and “No Doubt About It.

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