A fake Facebook claiming to be evangelist Joyce Meyer has been soliciting donations toward a “ministry” by scamming Christians looking to support the church and an orphanage. Social media user Italia Bernhardt contacted the Christian Post to expose the scammer, which is in no way actually affiliated with Meyer.

Bernhardt said she would frequently post quotes from Meyer on her Facebook page to encourage others and help her get through the day. She was then baited by a fake account of the minister who was looking to put the ruse on unsuspecting believers.

“Dear beloved sister, God bless you for your concern, what do you think you can do to help this Orphans, do you wish to make a donation to the Orphans in Africa that my ministry is supporting or rather sponsoring a child in the Orphanage home?” the account sent her in a private message.

Bernhardt said she was unable to donate at the time, but would when she can.

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