Healing evangelist Benny Hinn is back with a passion. After restoring his marriage, Hinn is once again traveling the world—this time with his wife, Suzanne—and holding crusades where miracles are manifesting.

Charisma News caught up with Hinn to get the latest report from the field.

Charisma: I hear God is restoring your ministry.

Hinn: The ministry is coming back. The anointing is still in operation. People are seeing that.

Number two, they are coming because of the deep hurt, deep pain, deep need. Sickness is still there. And thirdly, I think they come because they say, “OK, the Lord has done something for him. We’re happy for him and Suzanne.” They want to support this, and they show up. So, it’s been very exciting. I don’t know what the future holds, but we’re all excited about it, and I’m happy to see the Lord do it. This is real. Sue and I have never been happier

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