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A devout churchgoing woman who doubted God’s existence for most of her life says her doubts were laid to rest when she died for nine minutes and spoke to God in heaven in an experience so indescribable it felt like she had been imbued with 500 senses.

Former schoolteacher and mother of four, Crystal McVea, has written an account of her amazing brush with God in a book released in the summer, titled Waking Up In Heaven and now wants the whole world to know that heaven is real.

“I was a doubter. I know what it feels like to doubt His existence. And to doubt that there is a place that we really go after this [life]. And now I just want to tell people that it’s real,” McVea explained in an interview with Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson.

McVea reportedly died in the hospital on Dec. 10, 2009, for nine minutes after she accidentally overdosed on her pain medication. Almost as soon as she died, however, she said she opened her eyes and realized she was in heaven.

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