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*Deitrick Haddon has quickly become known as the voice of opposition and here’s news, he doesn’t really care.

This preacher of L.A. admits this has been his calling card since he started preaching at age 11. And now, on the hit reality series “Preacher’s of L.A.“ the moniker may be what is causing audiences on the show to swell. It is, afterall, the highest rated show on the Oxygen network.

His knack for cutting to the chase and shutting down what he sees as Christian misrepresentations may be a bit disarming, but hey, such is life right?

In a recent interview with JET magazine’s Quassan Castro, Haddon talks about why folks seem to be harder on Christians when they slip up; the message behind his new CD “RED: Restoring Everything Damaged,” and what he feels the critics of Preachers L.A. should really be concentrating on.

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