The stars of Preachers Of L.A. have been causing quite the stir since their hit show premiered and prompted backlash from fans and critics alike. With only three episodes under their belt, they have set Twitter ablaze and even sparked the ire of Bishop T.D. Jakes. 

CocoaFab caught up with Pastor Wayne Cheney to get his take on the show, his thoughts on lavish living and why he’s proud to be ‘saved,sanctified and sexual.’

CocoaFab: You were missing from the last episode. Why?

I think its pretty balanced in terms of us being featured.  I think most guys are going to fit a couple episodes and we understand we have to follow a story line.  A brother would have liked a cameo or something in there.

CocoaFab: What was your initial response to the premiere?

We knew it was gonna do great in terms of ratings but we had no idea it was gonna go through the roof the way it did.  As far as the overall feeling of the show, I enjoyed it. I think it gives a candid look into the lives of pastors. We have candid discussions and many times when we are passionate about things we don’t agree on them.

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