No food to eat: Rice, beans and water are being flown into the Philippines by the tons, but not much is getting out to the countryside. The government says more than 2 million people need food aid, but storm debris, and washed out roads and bridges are preventing it from reaching the hungriest victims. Still, supplies are starting to get through in some areas.


Have we got a pill for you: Don’t take cholesterol medicine? That could change soon. The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology are out with new treatment guidelines that take into account a variety of risk factors, not just cholesterol levels. The new guidelines could double the number of people on medication to lower their cholesterol, experts say.


Technology testimony: Things are getting uglier for the White House. President Obama‘s poll numbers are in the dumper. The Republicans have been piling on for a long time, but now even members of his own party are sayingsomething needs to be done – and done soon. Former President Bill Clinton says Obama needs to honor his pledge that people who like their health care plan can keep it. The news could get worse today when White House Chief Technology Officer Todd Park testifies before a congressional committee investigating the rocky rollout of website. Oh and we’re still waiting for the White House to release the Obamacare enrollment numbers for October. They’re not expected to be good.

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