Christianity is the world’s largest religion by a landslide. At over 2 billion adherents there is no religion or belief system even close. But the big guy is always an easy target. Write a book calling Jesus a zealot, point out an example of hypocrisy or just declare some biblical value as narrow-minded and you will have loads of mostly unchallenged media attention.

The half-truths, lies and myths about Christianity seem to increase at the rate of social media growth. There are falsehoods about science and Christianity, the divinity of Christ and the veracity of the Bible. There are so many half-truths it would take volumes to dispel them. And there are the myths. These are five that warrant examination.

Jesus Was Only A Teacher & Zealot

Jesus claimed to be God. He claimed to forgive people’s sins, humanity would be accountable to him and he was the way, truth and life. He was much more than just a teacher. He was certainly not a revolutionary, in fact, large numbers of people stopped following him when he did not preach an overthrow of the Roman occupation.

Jesus has never been accused of being a liar nor did his followers lie about him since the gospels were not written in a mythic style. He did not have a messiah complex, which involves incredible egotism, inability to love and no compassion for others, none of which remotely resembles Jesus.

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