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Dancing, rap music, an open mic, and Jesus Christ? A couple of Christians in Michigan use a “night club” setting to connect churches, share testimonies, and proclaim the gospel. The ministry leaders just celebrated their 1-year anniversary.

“I wanted to show people that Christianity is fun,” Darryll Stinson, event coordinator at the Phi Light Lounge in an interview on Monday. “You can worship God in dance, you can worship Him in your testimony, or even just by having fun and being yourself,” Stinson added. He described the typical night at Phi Light: 40 to 60 people enjoying impromptu sessions of dancing, guest rappers and speakers, and featured poets.

“Christ gave us liberty and freedom to express ourselves,” J.J. Jones, the founder of Phi Light, told CP. “God came at me saying, ‘JJ, you don’t have to be tight. You can’t reach people if you don’t show people where you came from.'” Phi Light celebrated its anniversary on Saturday.

That night, Stinson explained, the ‘night club’ featured a cypher – “a hip hop beat and different rappers freestyling on it.” Some of these rappers weren’t Christian, but the fellows at Phi Light shared the gospel anyway. “People don’t have to be in a dark night club, drunk, just to have fun,” Stinson said. While he and Jones choose not to “idolize the things of this world,” they still enjoy their nights.

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