Christmas is just around the corner.  As we prepare for Christmas with lots of trips to the church and outreach events, the numerous hours to be spent standing by the stove, the long queues at Walmart and the countless hours stopping at the traffic lights, why not download some Christmas music as we wait?  Why not spend some time in worshipping Jesus and not allow the hustle of Christmas to overwhelm us?

Why don’t we devote as much or even more time for Jesus as the time we spend on ourselves?  Sure, we have the old Christmas albums by Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant, but what about newer Christmas worship songs?  Christmas songs that get us to the heart of the season. In this article, we want to provide you with a short list of some of our favorite new Christmas worship songs.

For songs to qualify, first they need to be released within the last couple of years or at least appear in a compilation or album that has been re-issued in 2012 or 2013.  Second, the lyrical content of the song needs to expound one or more of the themes of Christmas as contained in Scripture.  Thus, this excludes all the songs about Santa, being naughty or nice, silver bells and reindeers.  So, here goes:

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