Ice, ice, baby: Texas got it over the weekend, and the East Coast gets it today. The National Weather Service says the worst will be from central Virginia to southeast New York.Some areas might see a quarter-inch of ice before temperatures rise late Monday morning and the storm system moves on. Any fallout? Sure, just look at all stranded travelers who’re now living at airports. The nasty wintry weather canceled thousands of flights – a good number of them at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


Remembering a titan: Dozens of world leaders are on their way to Johannesburg to mourn anti-apartheid leader and former South African President Nelson Mandela. President Barack Obama and the first lady will be joined by former Presidents Bush, Clinton and Carter. With 91 heads of state (and counting), this expected to be the largest gathering of leaders in Africa’s history. It’ll be held at a 90,000-seat soccer stadium, but even that may not be enough to accommodate everyone.


Tipping point: Remember Dayna Morales, who got lots of online love – and some serious cash donations – after she saida family stiffed her on her tip because she was gay? One problem: That’s not exactly what happened. And now the restaurant and Morales have gone their separate ways. It was a joint decision. At least that’s what the restaurant said. We haven’t heard from her yet. A TV station revealed that the family had indeed left her a tip – almost 20%.

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