Gladys Knight is not only one of the most legendary musical artists of our time, but is also a tough business woman, entrepreneur, actress, humanitarian, and most importantly she’s a wife, mother and grandmother. Balancing it all is a constant challenge, but the “The Empress of Soul” hardly ever misses a beat as she juggles her home life with her iconic status.

The pressure is really on Gladys. Her out of control schedule is taking a toll on her relationship with her fun-loving husband, William, who yearns for more romantic time with his soul mate. Gladys’ over-the-top charismatic brother and former “Pip,” Bubba, has decided it’s his time to shine. He has sung backup to his superstar sister long enough and decides that it’s finally time to go solo!

But he needs Gladys’ help, of course, since he will have to dip into her set time to get on stage. Gladys’ son, Shanga, is opening a restaurant in Atlanta with Gladys’ name on it. However, with her name on the marquee, Gladys will make sure the tastes, atmosphere and even the back entrance are living up to her standards, which may prove to be an unreasonable task for her son because Gladys isn’t going to just settle.

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