Meagan Good may be a well known celebrity, but the Christian actress says she can do without the fame.

“In this business you do get picked apart and you do get kind of bullied everyday, with the blogs and everything…,” Good told Upscale magazine recently. “People say, ‘well if you didn’t want all of that then you shouldn’t do this for a living’ but there’s a difference between someone who wants to be an actress because they want to be famous and someone who wants to do good work and they could take or leave the fame.

Good says she would leave the fame behind if she could.

“..Because it’s not about the fame or money, it’s genuinely about the art,” Good told Upscale. “That’s the category that I fall in. With the fame, to be honest, I could really leave it.”

Good previously admitted that she does not enjoy people questioning her Christianity, however, her husband DeVon Franklin, a preacher and Hollywood executive, helps her handle naysayers.

“It’s funny because he’s not effected the way that I am,” Good previously told “I’m like, ‘Baby, they’re talking about me.’ And he’s just like, ‘Honey, it’s OK.'”

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