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Four days without power: Baby it’s cold outside  and inside, too  especially when you have no heat. Hundreds of thousands of people in the Northern United States and southeastern Canada haven’t had power for at least four days because of ice bringing down tree limbs and power lines. At least 19 people have died in weather-related incidents since Saturday. Snow is expected in many of the same areas Friday.


Climbing the fences: Jumping a high-security fence at an airport isn’t part of the usual holiday fun. But two men  at two separate airports in Newark, New Jersey, and Phoenix reportedly did just that on Christmas Day. One showed “indications of possible drug and alcohol impairment,” authorities said. The other was wearing women’s clothing and was not interested in anything at the airport  instead he was seeking safety from someone who frightened him, police said. Both men were charged with trespassing and released.


Priest to be released: Monsignor William Lynn was the first Roman Catholic priest sent to jail for covering up the crimes of other priests. Now an appeals court says he can go free. He could be released as soon as Friday. Lynn was convicted of child endangerment last year for not removing a defrocked priest from active ministry after learning he had molested a teen. Lynn’s attorneys convinced a Superior Court panel of three judges that the law only applied to people who directly supervised children. The district attorney says his office will likely appeal the ruling.

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