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There are dozens of New Year’s superstitions. Despite coming from cultures all over the globe, most grew from the idea that whatever you do on the first day will dictate how your year goes.

Whether you scoff at the folklore or are looking for your lucky checklist, enjoy our list of 14 superstitions to prepare you for 2014.

14.) Enjoy some delicious… herring. German folklore suggests having a bite at midnight and the Polish traditionally make it the first meal of the new year.

13.) Pay off your debts. Except on New Year’s Day. It’s complicated. Don’t owe anything when the New Year starts but if you’re paying people back on that first day, expect to shell out dough all year.

12.) Have some lentil soup. If you eat everything on this list, you’re going to be pretty full. That’s fine because lentils look like coins and you’d like your pockets full of them.

11.) Be careful who you let in your house. “First-footing” means the first guest to enter your home can either spell good fortune …or bad.

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