The frigid blast of winter weather caused major problems for the RTA on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Service remains the same: Buses and Blue/Green Line rail will be running on limited service throughout the night but the Blue/Green Line Rapids are close to schedule.

Red Line east of Tower City to Windermere is up and running; Red Line west of Tower City to the Airport remains closed and is served by shuttle buses. Crews continue to work on this section of the line in order to restore service to the full Red Line.

As of 10:30 p.m., the Waterfront Line service had ended for the evening. Officials anticipate it will be served by shuttle buses Wednesday morning.

All other bus lines are running close to schedule.

Most bus routes are running regular service at this time, with the exception of Westlake and North Olmsted, which have delays.

Alternatives, if at all possible, take a free E-Line trolley to Stephanie Tubbs Jones at CSU to stay warm while waiting for the next bus.

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