Ring of steel: When you hear those words, you probably think: Sochi Olympics. They translate into – swarms of police, surveillance cameras and bomb detectors. The uber-security’s tightening as tensions rise over terror threats in the run-up to the Winter Games in Russia. Yesterday ominous e-mails containing terrorism threats went out to participating countries and to the Olympic committee. They were discounted. But real or not, they land on top of recent real deadly attacks and raging armed operations against terror suspects in Dagestan. There’s also a lot of talk of “black widows,” potential female suicide bombers who might make it through the ring.


Cross-border grievance Yesterday, the state of Texas executed Edgar Tamayo Arias, 46, by lethal injection.Officials have expressed little doubt over his conviction for killing a policeman some 20 years ago. Yet both the Bush and Obama administrations urged the state to give Arias a new hearing – for diplomatic reasons. Arias was a Mexican national, and his lawyers said his consular rights were denied, which kept him from getting the best possible defense. Now the State Department is worried about the effect his execution could have on Americans arrested in other countries. Mexico’s government strongly objected to.


The fight goes on: There has been a new twist in the tragic case of Marlise Munoz, who is languishing on life support. Her family still wants her taken off, because – as they insist – she’s brain dead. The hospital in Fort Worth doesn’t deny that, but it has refused to disconnect Munoz, saying there is a law in Texas against refusing treatment to a woman carrying a child. But now lawyers for the family say the fetus is severely damaged. When Munoz fell unconscious in November, oxygen was cut off to the fetus, too. As a result, it’s deformed and has water on the brain and on top of that possibly a heart problem. They say it can’t thrive in Munoz’s deteriorating body.

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