Just in jail briefly: A Miami policeman pulls over a yellow Lamborghini at four in the morning for drag racing, going 60 in a 30 zone. Window rolls down. This how the officer says the rest happened: 19-year-old driver looks, sounds, smells…stoned. It’s Justin Bieber. He says, “What the f*** did I do?” Gets mad, resists the officer, policeman takes him in. Bieber gets orange jump suit, goes into lockup. That evening he tells the judge, yeah, I drank, smoked some pot, took some prescription meds. Judge gives him $2,500 bail – standard rate. Bieber jumps back into party clothes, leaves the jail, goes to greet screaming fans outside, gets chauffeured off in a black Cadillac Escalade


Who’s your daddy? The sperm donor is, said a Kansas judge this week, so, now, William Marotta is stuck with a bill for child support. That’s not right, he says, and he’s fighting the decision. Back in 2009, he answered a Craigslist ad from a Lesbian couple who wanted to get pregnant. He says he took no money for his genetic material, which was used for artificial insemination – and he made a contract with the couple. They would be financially responsible for the child, not him. A daughter was born, but then trouble came. One of the women turned to the state for assistance, and the state turned to Marotta. Judge Mary Mattivi cited a medical technicality in her decision hand Marotta the bill: The insemination was not performed by a doctor.

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