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Next time we get snow, be careful where you park. We’ve found in Cleveland, nearly 2,000 drivers have been ticketed since the start of last year for violating the city’s snow parking bans


The latest snowstorm led to a parking ban in many cities across Northeast Ohio.

Yet, in Cleveland we found drivers with no idea what that meant — even drivers parking on streets with special signs.

In Cleveland, when the city declares a snow ban, you can get a $50 ticket for parking on a street marked with one of the red signs.

The city clerk’s office says, for last year, and so far this year, 1,954 snow ban tickets have been issued.

Cleveland declares snow bans after more than a couple of inches of snow fall.

This affects snow emergency streets; streets considered important for police, fire trucks, and ambulances. The plows can’t do a good job with cars left on the streets.

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