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Approximately 10.5 million people worldwide in 2013 visited the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s (BGEA) website.

According to a news release from BGEA, more than 2 million of those individuals indicated making a commitment to Christ after viewing the message.

The evangelistic site, part of BGEA’s Search for Jesus Internet ministry, uses Bible scripture, video presentations and live chats to share the Gospel with visitors to the site.

Since the site was launched in May 2011, more than 19 million people have viewed the Gospel presentation, with nearly 4 million responding to the message.

Additionally, hundreds of thousands have submitted their contact information to BGEA in order to receive follow up and ongoing training in their new faith.

“The numbers are hard to fathom, frankly. They’re exciting, but difficult to really grasp or comprehend,” said John Cass, BGEA’s Director of Internet Evangelism, speaking in the news release.

He continued, “However, on a daily basis I get the opportunity to read through transcripts of the chats taking place between visitors to our site and our trained volunteer counselors, and I can tell you that the world is being impacted for Christ.”

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