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More and more reality shows featuring gospel stars and preachers are filling the airwaves, and Karen Clark Sheard said that’s a positive thing.

Though some shows, like “Preachers of L.A.,” have received some criticism for various reasons, Karen said what fans see helps them understand that these men and women of God, who are often put on pedestals, are fallible people like everyone else.

“They see us onstage or in church and it’s good that they see what we go through, what builds up to that,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “They need to know what goes on behind the closed doors and we don’t mind telling them so they know that we’re human.”

Karen confirmed that her BET show, “The Sheards,” will be returning for a second season. She stars on the series with her family and welcomes the opportunity to show viewers how God works through her.

“They don’t know what God takes us through sometimes for us to bring out that anointing and to minister to them,” she said.

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