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Headed north: If folks in the Northeast want to get an idea of what’s headed their way, all they have to do is look to the South. The monster winter storm walloped the Southyesterday. Some states fared worse than others. Georgia learned a lesson from last time, it seems. Most stayed indoors. But did Charlotte or Raleigh have an Atlanta moment? Many in the Carolinas were telling stories of woe yesterday. Some told tales of being stuck in traffic for hours on icy, dangerous roads. Some had to seek shelter in malls or at work. Sound familiar Atlanta?


Crisis averted: The Senate passed a bill that averted a disaster. Well at least it pushed it back for more than a year.Senators passed a measure yesterday allowing the government to borrow more money to pay its bills through March 2015. President Obama said he plans to sign the deal, effectively putting the debt ceiling issue to bed for awhile. Experts had warned that if the debt ceiling was not raised, it could have caused as many problems for the economy as a snow storm in the South.


Race for the gold: The United States is hopeful it will be a big day on the ice and ski slope today. Anything will be better than some of the losses the U.S. took yesterday. Many thought favorite Shani Davis would score a gold at the long-track speed skating event. But nope, Davis did not even get a medal.

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