The life after: George Zimmerman says he’s not haunted by memories of the night he fatally shot Trayvon Martin. The former neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted in the 2012 killing of the teen discussed the trial and his newfound notoriety with Chris Cuomo. The exclusive airing today will touch on various issues, including his life now. “It was provocative. He gave us a lot of time. He wanted to deal with everything,” Cuomo says.


A war on two fronts: In Syria, rebels are fighting the government – and themselves.  Their conflict pits moderate and Islamist rebels against radicals from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  ISIS is so radical that even al Qaeda has distanced itself from it. CNN has obtained videos showing the brutality of the group that, alas, is commonplace. Last month, rebel groups banded together and launched an offensive in northern Syria against the ISIS. But the carnage and bloodshed continue.


Blood, sweat and tears: We’re in the home stretch of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Today will determine whether we’ll get to see a repeat of one of the most intense rivalries in sports (the U.S. vs. Canada in women’s ice hockey), and it’ll offer us a taste of the chaotic world of snowboard cross. Oh, and Bob Costas plans to return after being sidelined with an eye infection. But sometimes, it’s not about the competitions. That was pretty clear last night when social media unleashed its wrath on NBC’s Christin Cooper, whose interview left American skier Bode Miller in tears. Cooper repeatedly asked the skier about his deceased brother.

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