Well, well, well, Shonda Rhimes, you have done it again… managing to get millions of people glued to their televisions and forget about life as we know it.

Scandal fans (aka “Gladiators”) did put on their white hats and entered Washington D.C. right from their living rooms as they tried to piece together the loose ends from seasons 1, 2 and 3. We left off with Sally murdering her husband (Daniel Douglas) and Jake assuming leadership of B613 after Fitz was given the dressing down of a lifetime by Papa Eli Pope in a chamber in an undisclosed location. But boy is Scandal back!

Oh, Scandal how much we have we missed you, let us count the ways from Season 4 Episode 1 that almost made Christian folk cuss…

1. Sally Denies Her Sin

Sure, she murdered her husband, Daniel Douglas, but she didn’t kill her political ambitions. Sally plans to run as a third party candidate while carrying out the office of Vice President. In fact, Sally doesn’t think she murdered her husband at all. She believes that the Devil did it! We almost slipped up watching Sally explain to Leo that the Devil murdered her husband, and seeing the look of incredulity on his face while she spouted off about Satan working through her was fantastic.

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