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*A woman is suing Tyler Perry in Georgia claiming the filmmaker/playwright stole her idea for his theater production of Madea Gets A Job.

According to RadarOnline.comLisa Daniels filed the civil action on Feb. 5 in a Georgia superior courthouse for theft of a literary piece and/or play.

“I was the sole creator of a literary piece ‘Madea Gets a Job’, and this literary piece was featured in the form of a Tyler Perry play,” Daniels wrote in the court docs. “This play had the same title that my play had, and this play had similar themes as my play.”

The civil case is handwritten because Daniels claims because of her “poverty” she cannot afford the cost required by the court to file a civil case in the court of Fulton County.

Daniels is 47-years-old and listed her monthly household income at $569.

The plaintiff is seeking no less than 40 percent of the earnings from the video of the production.


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