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If you haven’t yet heard of motivational speaker Trent Shelton, chances are you’ll want to.

The former NFL player’s inspiring videos have been watched by thousands of people all over the world — giving people encouragement to reach for their dreams, leave a damaging relationship or break free from their past mistakes.

Mr Shelton has been invited to speak across the globe from the US, to London, Sweden, Canada and Turks and Caicos.

“My whole thing is once people hear me speak or look at me, I want them to see I’m just like them,” he told The Royal Gazette. “I don’t want them to think they can never reach for what they want. I want to give them hope and show it’s possible.

“Whatever limitations they are placing on their lives I want them to know if I can overcome it they can do it too.”

Mr Shelton spent four years playing in the NFL. He idolised playing American football, but said his career was “very up and down”.

“I just got to a breaking point where I was tired of the way I was living,” he explained. “And after the birth of my son I wanted to be the best example I could be as a father and a man.”

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