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From a chess board to a football field: That’s how one expert described the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane after clues emerged that it may have gone down in the Indian Ocean. That’s the opposite direction of the flight path. We’re on Day 6 now – and every lead so far has not yielded results. Meanwhile, we’re learning more about the pilots of the doomed passenger jet


Tick, tock, tick, talk: Crimea decides Sunday whether itwants to divorce Ukraine and get hitched to Russia. The West has told Russia, back off or face “significant consequences.” But Moscow’s not backing down.  There will be a ton of last-ditch diplomatic maneuverings today to take the heat down a notch.


Perfect equation for fun:  Do some math or bake a pie – totally up to you. Pi Day has become more than a celebration of the Greek letter “π.” It’s turned into a day to connect folks to math via food. While Pi isn’t that kind of pie, making it has become part of the day. So party like a … er science star!  What’s more, Albert Einstein was born on March 14.

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