I’ll never forget the first “sex talk” I had with our oldest son. “The talk” occurred at my office at the company we owned at the time. It was after hours, when no one was in the office but him and me. It was a very scary moment—for me and him—but I’m glad I did it then.


He had already started to make comments and ask questions that indicated he needed an education. He was about 10 at the time. (I understand that sounds young to some, but it may be old now for others.)

I recognized that helping my children live pure and healthy sexual lives would be a challenge in a culture that is often defined by sex. I wanted to be the primary influencer in their development as adults because I knew no one had a stronger desire for them to make wise choices than me.

I began with a few principles that helped me to continue to have open and honest dialogue with my boys, even in their teenage years and adulthood.

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