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The seats are drenched and the tarp is down, but the home opener forecast isn’t throwing the Indians a curve ball.

“We’ve done this before unfortunately,” Indians Assistant Director of Communications Anne Keegan said. “We’ve had some weather issues on previous opening days, but we got through them.”

They’re ready to get through this one — rain or shine. While the weather might be dreary, the atmosphere around Progressive Field is anything but.

Rally Alley and pregame festivities are still a go. The biggest challenge is the field, but groundskeepers have it under control. Fans will get the full experience.

“We’ve got all the things, the concessions stands, they’re stocked,” Keegan said. “All the merchandise stands are stocked. Once they get here we’ll do our best to keep them comfortable, keep them covered, and get the game going as soon as we can.”

But local bars, like City Tap, are actually rooting for a rain delay, especially on a Friday afternoon.

“If it rains right around game time, it should be great,” City Tap Manager Steve Zornes said. “There’s a lot of good business to be done during a rain delay. People will stick around. We’ll be wall to wall. We pull about half the chairs out of here. Make room for people to be standing room only. We expect a great day.”

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