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Credit: TD Jakes MinistriesArticle By Bridget Wallace:: EEW Magazine News Reporter

Bishop TD Jakes, 56, may pastor one of the largest mega churches in the nation. But leading the 30,000-member Dallas based Potter’s House congregation doesn’t mean he enjoys practical conversation with the Christians that fill the pews.

On Sunday, April 7, while continuing a sermon series on instinct—an ongoing promotional effort for his new book Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive—he shared why he finds discussions with “church folk” unstimulating.

In response to a highlighted query from a Twitter follower about whether it is possible to follow instincts in the middle of confusion, Jakes said, “You can’t,” advising congregants to find a quiet place, free of the opinions of others.

“Find your center and find your truth,” he said and then reemphasized “Your truth,” clearly distinguishing it from “The Truth,” which is Jesus Christ according to John 14:6.

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