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The most adorable 10-year-old set of twins ever in the history of life, Nia and Imani Lindsay have won a scholarship (half a scholarship each) to the American Ballet Theatre for their “Young Dancer Summer Workshop.” These Canadian twins not only have the most gorgeous hair you’ve ever seen, they also are some of the most talented young ballerinas you’ll ever see. Honestly, their muscular graceful poses make you feel as if you’re watching a mature dancer whirl across the stage.

The girls also speak Spanish and French, as if they weren’t impressive enough. With legendary dancer,Misty Copeland as one of the biggest idols and the type of turnout and extensions that even Misty would envy, these girls are pretty much set up to be the future of Black dance. They sat down with Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes and the girls offered some mature insight on bullying, being twins and their love of dance.

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