Frustration mounts: The death toll officially stands at 9, but 287 more passengers remain missing after the sinking of a South Korean ferry. Families are desperate for news about their loved ones, but little of it was being delivered. CNN affiliate YTN reported today that only one out of 46 lifeboats attached to the sunken ferry was deployed. A fact that won’t bring much comfort to those waiting for updates on missing family members.


Cold War echoes: Foreign ministers from East and West will try to defuse the Ukraine crisis today, even as fresh violence erupted in the nation’s east. The talks in Geneva, Switzerland, will bring the ministers of Russia, Ukraine and the United States together with the European Union’s foreign policy chief to find ways out of the worst East-West crisis since the end of the Cold War. The developments come as the U.S. is talking more sanctions to punish Russia. Kiev and the West believe Moscow is stirring up the unrest.


Girls freed: Three days ago, heavily armed militants raided a Nigerian school and seized 129 girls. All but eight of them are now free, according to the military. It wasn’t immediately clear how the girls were freed or what condition they were in. They were herded out of bed and onto buses on Monday after Boko Haram militants won a fierce gunbattle with government forces. The militants want to make Nigeria into an Islamic state.

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