90% done: Malaysia has a preliminary report on the disappearance of Flight 370, but isn’t releasing it publicly. Malaysia says it has nothing to hide. So why not release it?Families with loved ones on the flight have been begging for information. Withholding it will increase their frustration. At sea, the underwater search for MH370 continues. The probe has scanned 90% of the designated search area, with no significant results.


Mourning the loss: Classes resumed at Danwon High School near Seoul, South Korea, today. The first time the school has been open since hundreds of classmates went down in a passenger ferry that sank last week. The halls are emptier now and the sense of grief is great. Hearses ushered pictures of the dead and missing onto campus. Authorities say 171 people are dead and 131 missing from the sinking.


Secret scheme: At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list.The secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that up to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor. Word of the arrangement came  from a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources.

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