Starting Wednesday mannequins will begin to flood the streets of Cleveland.

The mannequins are part of a homeless youth campaign sponsored by Bellefaire JCB. The campaign’s purpose is to inform and educate the community about youth homelessness.

The mannequins will be dressed in hooded sweatshirts with various phrases that represent why they are homeless. Some include, “I’m missing and my parents don’t care” and “My dad kicked me out because I’m gay.”

On Wednesday the agency will place the mannequins in teen-friendly locations around the city. Some locations include: bus stops, coffee shops, the West Side Market, school yards, LGBT Center, basketball courts and Tower City.

“People don’t have any idea what a homeless or missing person looks like because they look like everybody else,” said Karen McHenry, director of homeless and missing youth program for Bellefaire JCB. “They don’t want you to notice them and that’s what makes it difficult.”

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