Playhouse Square is celebrating and lighting up its brand new chandelier over downtown Cleveland on Friday, May 2.

Their “Dazzle the District” event  takes place in the heart of Playhouse Square on Euclid Avenue between East 13th and East 17th Streets and on East 14th Street between Euclid and Prospect.

That means road closures for anyone heading to the event or just trying to navigate downtown Cleveland.

After the morning rush hour ended on Wednesday, April 30, Euclid Ave closed between E 13th and E 14th.

Then, after the evening rush on May 1, Euclid will close between E. 13th and E. 18th street. That day, E. 14th will also close between Euclid and Prospect, and E. 17th will be closed between Prospect and Euclid Avenue.

By May 3 at 9 a.m., all roads will be reopened.

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