No one in the universe is more relevant than God, and so it makes sense that Scripture (comprised of 66 books) is the most relevant message ever presented. Without God, you and I would not be here. And without the Bible, we wouldn’t be able to discern which things in life are truly the most relevant.

So check out these 7 facts which demonstrate the Bible’s relevance:

1) The Bible explains how you got here.

You didn’t accidentally arrive on the scene. You have a Creator. He is the eternal God. He created the first man and woman as Adam and Eve. You have descended from them. If you miss this huge fact in the first book of the Bible, you may end up missing much of what God wants to teach you in the other 65 books.

2) The Bible explains what God did to reach us even after man chose to sin and rebel against God.

When parents have a child who is missing, they will go to any lengths to find their missing son or daughter. You and I were separated from God because of our sin. He could have allowed us to remain lost forever. Instead, He came after us by sending His only Son to rescue us. The death of Jesus on the cross “paid our way” back to the Father.

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