Christian rock worship band the Newsboys dropped a surprise video without any warning yesterday, and so far their fans are loving it.

“That’s How You Change the World” off of Restart is an electronic-pop infused song that could be charting on any markets and getting play on any radio stations. This song is sure to be the crossover hit the Newsboys are hoping for as they try and push their message to non-believers.

Just yesterday the band released a single for Mother’s Day, “That Home (A Tribute to Moms).”

According to a press release the song was recorded for the Restart album, but was held off as a single until now. The ‘Boys feel this Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the song, and share memories of their own moms with everyone else.

“‘That Home’ is a song about moms everywhere. My mom passed away in September of 2013,” said Tait. “The lyrics talk about how in that home she would cook us our favorite meal, how her love for us had no end and how important it was to her to see her kids be saved and know Christ. That’s the kind of mom that my mom was.”

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