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Kelly Price is coming into the “greatest season” of her life and she is celebrating lessons learned with a new album, appropriately titledSing Pray Love.

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love,” Price sat down with to talk about the new music, her own “Eat, Pray, Love” moments, and healing from her season on R&B Divas.

Is your new song “It’s My Time” about some kind of transformative moment you’re going through?

I wrote the song a couple a months before I turned 40. Being in that space and thinking about what turning 40 meant, having two adult children. My catchphrase when turning 40 last year was ‘I’m too old to be young and dumb, but I’m too young to be old and numb.’ Everything inside of that headspace was saying, ‘Okay, everything that you wanted to do. Get up. Get out. Do it. It’s that time.’

We have to talk about the title of the album, Sing Pray Love!

If you’ve seen the movie, Eat Pray Love and know the storyline of it, again, that’s the kind of headspace I was in coming into my 40th birthday. Being at a point in life where I evaluated and looked over things. The things I feel like I played too safe, the things that I knew I’d had to wait for because I wasn’t just an artist, I was still a wife and a mother and very hands on with my family. It was a point of really deciding that if I don’t choose to live while I’m alive, I’ll die never having lived. I don’t have a bucket list. I have a ‘Get It’ list.

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