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Tip of the iceberg: The current allegations of delayed care and cooked books at Veterans Affairs health care facilities are going to look like “kindergarten stuff” compared to what’s coming, according to the head of a congressional committee investigating the scandal. Yesterday, Rep. Jeff Miller said more serious developments are on the way as they look into allegations of alarming shortcomings that have had deadly consequences


Travel ban: The Thai military on Friday tightened its grip on the politically unstable Southeast Asian nation, banning more than 150 prominent figures from leaving the country and threatening to arrest leaders who disobey its orders. Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was among those who reported to the military junta a day after it seized power in a coup after months of turmoil.


Dealing with prejudice: Another NBA owner is getting used to the taste of his own foot. In trying to make a point about everyone’s prejudices, Dallas Mavericks owner MarkCuban created an uproar with the hoodie and the tattoo crowd, saying he would cross the street to avoid a black kid wearing a hoodie or a bald white guy with tattoos all over his face. Lots of folks weren’t amused.

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