Just days after a fatal car accident over a cliff at Perkins Beach in Edgewater Park, WKYC questioned Cleveland Metroparks about the changes park-goers can expect to see to prevent future tragedies.

As of right now there are no safety barriers or rails, which is a concern for some people following two incidents involving cars over the cliff in a year.

Metroparks spokesperson Sue Allen says, “Cleveland Metroparks is committed to keeping our parks as safe and secure as possible.”

However when pressed for more specifics Allen stated, “There’s been some miscommunication about our intentions…this is an ongoing investigation we’re still continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident at Edgewater. Once we get all of the details about the investigation, we’ll be in the best position possible to make any plans for the future regarding the safety of the parks.”

However as the investigation continues some onlookers believe small upgrades could make a big safety difference.

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