Plan B: We don’t know where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is, but we do know where it isn’t. It’s not in the 328 square miles of the south Indian Ocean the Bluefin-21 has been scanning the last several weeks. There’s even some question about whether the four pinger noises heard in early April were from the plane. For now, search officials are regrouping and preparing to deploy more high-tech equipment.


NSA leaker: Edward Snowden says he’s a patriot. The U.S. government disagrees. Last night, the former National Security Agency contractor defended his decision to leak documents about classified surveillance programs during an interview with NBC “Nightly News.” Snowden has been living in exile for nearly a year in Russia, where the government granted him temporary asylum after he fled the U.S.


Investigating VA centers: The seat is getting very hot for the head of Veterans Affairs. A White House official says Eric Shinseki is on “thin ice.” At least 1,700 military veteranswaiting to see a doctor were never scheduled for an appointment and never placed on a wait list at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Phoenix. It raises the question of just how many veterans across the country had to do without medical care.

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