Not many artists can successfully reinvent themselves over the span of a 25-year music career. And it’s even harder when you’re not just a solo artist, but a choir of dozens upon dozens of members. But with their new release, AmazingRicky Dillard & New G again prove that they’ve not only got staying power, but there’s not a style of choir music that they can’t attack full on, and conquer.

From beginning to end of the 13-track project, Amazing showcases choirmaster extraordinaire Ricky Dillard seamlessly leading New G through modern congregational songs, like the radio hit title-track, “Amazing,” to hand-clapping church cuts, like “Everything.”

Sure standouts (and I mean “blow-you-away” standouts) include the vintage-sounding “Always There,” featuring the incomparable Le’Andria Johnson, “Celebrate the King,” and “I Believe.” And of course, no New G album would be complete these days without the inimitable ad libs of Lillian Lloyd. She delivers another memorable lead on the hard-hitting ”Stay With God.”

Amazing appropriately closes with ”The Covenant Medley,” a nearly-fifteen minute journey through the years of some of Ricky Dillard’s hits, from “The Promise” and “Through It All,” to “Things Will Work Out For Me” and There Is No Way.”

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