Targeted advertising is a big thing for companies seeking to pull in revenue from online

consumers. The idea is, if we don’t know what you like, how can we entice you with relevant content?

Tech giant Facebook, with more than 1 billion platform users, is all set to present you with specific ads you’re

more likely to click on with what they call “interest-based advertising”.

What does that mean?

“Let’s say that you’re thinking about buying a new TV, and you start researching TVs on the web and in mobile

apps. We may show you ads for deals on a TV to help you get the best price or other brands to consider,” is

the explanation offered on Facebook’s news blog, published Thursday, June 12.

“And because we think you’re interested in electronics, we may show you ads for other electronics in the future,

like speakers or a game console to go with your new TV.”

So then, how can they possibly know what appeals to you?

As many other websites already do, Facebook will use personal data compiled from some of the apps and sites

you frequently use to track your online behaviors.

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