Futbol hero: Team USA is out, but Tim Howard is in. Social media exploded in admiration of the American goalkeeper who made a World Cup-record 16 saves in a 2-1 loss to Belgium that bounced Team USA from the tourney.


Investing contradiction: Hobby Lobby’s retirement plan may not be in line with company’s policy to operate “in a manner consistent with Biblical principles,” government filings show. In a Supreme Court case, the retailer challenged and overturned an Obamacare mandate that would have required it to provide birth control in employee health plans, something that runs against it religious beliefs. But in this oopsie moment, a check of its 401(k) plan shows investments are being made in companies that make many of those same drugs.


Call your lawyer: The Federal Trade Commission suing T-Mobile. It says the cell phone carrier made hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus charges that were allegedly concealed on customers’ monthly bills. T-Mobile CEO John Legere calls the lawsuit “sensationalized,” “unfounded and without merit,” and suggests the government go collect the money from the nefarious text subscription services that bill through this company. So there.

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